First Meeting with JELTIS Journal Team

First Meeting with JELTIS Journal Team

IAIN Manado— On Tuesday (01/06/2021), The JELTIS journal (Journal of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature Studies) management team held a first meeting for the upcoming organization. This journal is the considered as the first journal for English Education Study Program. By using zoom application, the team discussed the organization of OJS, registration, and division of tasks for each member. Most importantly, the availability of the focus articles were being discussed.

Moreover, the discussion included the appointment of reviewers and editors, writing a new template, fitting out the designs, and accounts. The members will also be required to start making account in the system.

While meeting, Abdul Muis.,M.Pd was invited as the guest speaker to provide information for the organization of JELTIS journal. As one of the team of Jurnal Ilmiah Iqra for Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, He said that the starting point of JELTIS Journal has been better. He elaborated some technical activities that team should consider. (FS)

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